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Alpha Electronics

Alpha Electronics has been a manufacturer of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors since 1978. Known worldwide for their accuracy and reliability, the components are widely used in a range of applications, including automatic test equipment (ATE); weighing scales; precision instrumentation; aerospace, military, laboratory and metrology, and medical systems; industrial process control; high-end audio; and more. Alpha Electronics now provides Bulk Metal® Foil metrology standard resistors that conform to Japanese National Standards regulations, and is working in conjunction with the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMJ) to further develop the technology.

Unlike thin film or wirewound resistors, Bulk Metal® Foil resistors owe their superior precision to the use of a special alloy foil, with a thickness of several microns, as the resistive element. Use of this metal foil as the resistance element provides superior performance not found in any other resistor technology. In particular the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) has been reduced to an unprecedented, extremely low level of 0.14 ppm/°C thanks to strict quality control of the alloy composition and a newly developed foil stabilization treatment technology.

These high performance resistors are able to satisfy stringent military specification MIL-R-55182/9. In addition, all resistors must pass an overload screen test, non-linearity test, temperature characteristics and thermal shock test. All resistors are built under such stringent criteria made it the component of choice for manufacture of high-precision test and measurement equipment and produced by leading contract manufacturer in the world.