Powertron‘s Foil Technology is designed to offer high precision resistors together with high power and provides low temperature coefficient (TCR) as well as exceptional long-term stability.

Powertron develops, manufactures, and markets high-precision foil, current sense, and thick film resistors for use in diverse applications and offers a full complement of resistors for accurate, precise, and high-power circuits, with customization capabilities supporting virtually any package type.  Powertron focuses on delivering solutions with the best combination of power ratings, TCR, and resistance ranges with foil resistor products that include devices built on CuNiMn Bulk Metal® Foil for low-ohm, high-precision applications; and NiCr foil for even higher levels of stability.  A supplemental thick film product line is also available in a wide range of packages.

Powertron‘s Thick FilmTechnology offers a wide range of high power resistors in different housings.

See below pdf file for Powertron cross reference table to Caddock, Isabellenhutte and EBG brands of resistors.